Love is what we were born with

Have you ever held a new born baby and just been overcome with emotion because of their pure innocence? We are all born this way, with purity of heart, no judgement, no insecurity, no trauma, just purely innocent little souls. And then life happens. Our true self, the self we are born with is slowly chipped away and sent to the shadows. We are told we’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, not rich enough by the experiences we live through. And even though we know ourselves from the beginning, we somehow start to own these untruths told to us by others and allow them to reduce our self esteem and our self worth. And then some of us realize the lie and begin to rebuild our lives free of judgement from self and others and begin to really live again, acknowleding our true self that we buried. I believe that to live in fear is not to live. We need to relearn how live fully.

My favorite line recently is “who says”? Who says you’re only successful if you have a fat bank account? Who says you’re only feminine if you shave your legs and armpits? Who says you have to get married before you have children? Who says that you can only be “in” love with the opposite sex? Who says that if you’re not “religious” you’re not a good person? WHO SAYS?

Well FUCK that. BE you, be awesome, live your life, whatever the life you create for yourself is. Our problem is that we so often stand in judgement of others rather than in acceptance. LOVE is free, it’s uplifting, it’s accepting, it’s honest, it’s joyous, it’s everything.

So excited for these upcoming events!

Are you interested in holistic health and wellness? If so, here’s a series of events for you. Beginning on August 11th I’ll be participating in a twice monthly Pop-Up event put on by The Zen Bin. Offered at these events are message, reiki, womb healing, tarot card reading, spiritual advising, cupping and yoga just to name a few. If you’d like to check it out and make your appointment please click the link under the image below to get started. As always if you have any questions please call/text or email me! LOVE & LIGHT ~JASMINE

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Life is short

It’s been a tough few weeks for me personally due to the death of a beloved family member. What I’ve learned through the grieving process is #1 Life is Short. We waste so much time on things that don’t matter. So my new perspective from today going forward is this; create the life you want to live and spend time and energy only on the things that support that, period! ~Jasmine



Let today be the start of something new. Could be small or big, a friendship, taking on something you’ve always dreamed of or changing a habit you’ve held on to for years. Today is the day. ~JS


Generational Curses

Bad behavior and dysfunction continue generation after generation because people think it’s normal and it’s just easier to go with the flow and “mind your business”. Well, as for me and mine, we’re done with this passive unhealthy ugly behavior. Change is required and change is coming. Nothing gets better by turning a blind eye. Confrontation is necessary and not only that but it’s a loving gesture. How can you say you love someone when you idly stand by and watch them sweep their past hurts, wrongs, feelings and emotions under the rug?? How can you say you love someone when you watch in silence as they drag other innocent people into their dysfunctional emotional black hole?? That’s not LOVE, that’s self preservation. Lucky for me I no longer seek favor. But believe me when I say the BS stops here! ~JSM


Be present

This quote has been resonating with me since my return from Sedona. I’ve struggled over the past few years to find my niche. I’m thinking all the time “that book already exists, there are 100 people already doing that, your idea’s aren’t new, fresh or innovative”. (side note, beware of that damn negative Nelly self talk, i’ll address that again in another blog post lol) So in the past few days I’ve been putting myself out there, being intentional, being present, doing my research and quieting my mind so the path will come to me, and bingo, just like that it has! New and exciting things on the horizon. Stay tuned! ~JSM

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When you know better, you do better

This statement rings very true. But for some of us, we’re just straight hard headed. So what happens is, we know better, but we don’t put it into practice, so the universe has this brilliant way of putting a lesson in front of us as many times as it takes, until we GET it. (don’t ask me how I know this to be true :) LMAO) If you find yourself repeating patterns and situations, quiet yourself and re-evaluate. And when you know better, do better. ~JSM

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Let's talk about the cost

Let’s talk about the cost of Reiki.  If you check out other holistic healing studios in the Twin Cities area you’ll find that the average 60 minute Reiki session costs between $75-$150.  No doubt some of you who have seen me for Reiki know that I maintain lower than industry average prices.  This is very intentional.  I’ve been inspired by the women in my life, particularly the young women.  They are prioritizing their mental and physical health and I want to contribute to that effort by easing access to holistic health and healing modalities.  My goal is to use Reiki as a tool to empower women.


We all have the ability within us to heal ourselves, to fulfill our destinies and to reach our full potential.  I want to give women access and tools to tap into something they already possess but may not recognize.  Let’s shift our mindset and make ourselves and our emotional well-being a top priority.  We know we cannot pour from an empty glass, yet so many of us are trying to do just that.  It’s 2019 ladies, we are putting in the time and effort to make ourselves better, healed and fulfilled.  I can help you get started on that path!  Come and see me!


When you’re feeling like maybe you haven’t accomplished all the things you you’d like to at this point, take a break and reflect. At one time the things you have now were only a dream. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and know that if you keep putting in the work, the things you want next year will soon be a reality! Remember! ~JSM


No one is immune

Not one single person. So stop comparing your life’s problems with others. Even if it appears they have it all they don’t. Every person has their own issues to battle. This is the process of life. Accept your journey and respect others journeys. Everyone has a story to tell if you sit with them and listen. ~JSM