Let's talk about the cost

Let’s talk about the cost of Reiki.  If you check out other holistic healing studios in the Twin Cities area you’ll find that the average 60 minute Reiki session costs between $75-$150.  No doubt some of you who have seen me for Reiki know that I maintain lower than industry average prices.  This is very intentional.  I’ve been inspired by the women in my life, particularly the young women.  They are prioritizing their mental and physical health and I want to contribute to that effort by easing access to holistic health and healing modalities.  My goal is to use Reiki as a tool to empower women.


We all have the ability within us to heal ourselves, to fulfill our destinies and to reach our full potential.  I want to give women access and tools to tap into something they already possess but may not recognize.  Let’s shift our mindset and make ourselves and our emotional well-being a top priority.  We know we cannot pour from an empty glass, yet so many of us are trying to do just that.  It’s 2019 ladies, we are putting in the time and effort to make ourselves better, healed and fulfilled.  I can help you get started on that path!  Come and see me!