Love is what we were born with

Have you ever held a new born baby and just been overcome with emotion because of their pure innocence? We are all born this way, with purity of heart, no judgement, no insecurity, no trauma, just purely innocent little souls. And then life happens. Our true self, the self we are born with is slowly chipped away and sent to the shadows. We are told we’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, not rich enough by the experiences we live through. And even though we know ourselves from the beginning, we somehow start to own these untruths told to us by others and allow them to reduce our self esteem and our self worth. And then some of us realize the lie and begin to rebuild our lives free of judgement from self and others and begin to really live again, acknowleding our true self that we buried. I believe that to live in fear is not to live. We need to relearn how live fully.

My favorite line recently is “who says”? Who says you’re only successful if you have a fat bank account? Who says you’re only feminine if you shave your legs and armpits? Who says you have to get married before you have children? Who says that you can only be “in” love with the opposite sex? Who says that if you’re not “religious” you’re not a good person? WHO SAYS?

Well FUCK that. BE you, be awesome, live your life, whatever the life you create for yourself is. Our problem is that we so often stand in judgement of others rather than in acceptance. LOVE is free, it’s uplifting, it’s accepting, it’s honest, it’s joyous, it’s everything.