So the past few days I’ve been feeling very unsettled. I passed this quote twice because as I read it, it felt judgmental. I kept coming back to it though because I needed to hear it. Do what you need to do to settle your soul in every situation, it may not be comfortable but it’s the right thing to do. ~JSM


Which one will you be?

Have you ever dealt with a toxic or judgmental person about their negative behavior and no matter how many times you have the conversation the behavior doesn’t change? That’s when you have to make a decision. Clearly there is no benefit from confronting the negativity every time it occurs. So what’s plan b? You gotta let that shit go! Let go of the issue (and possibly the person), brush it off and do you! When you give other’s words such power over your life you are the one who suffers, not them. So today, are you unhealed or healed? You decide. ~JSM

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What is the thief of your motivation?

Have you ever set a goal or tried to change a habit only to go back to your old ways within a week? What is the thief of your motivation? Is it a person, self doubt, alcohol, drugs, negativity or fear? Being able to name your thief is the 1st step in getting past it. Put some thought to this question and let me know what you come up with. Have a terrific Tuesday! ~JSM

"If it was easy, everyone would do it"

This quote came to me this morning. Being happy, making progress and growing as an individual is not easy work. If it were, we’d all be happy. Growth requires dedication, perseverance and continuous work. You don’t just get to a certain place in life and you’re done. The journey is constant and we must remain diligent and deliberate in our pursuit of happiness. What happiness meant to us yesterday may not be the same tomorrow. Roll with it, keep setting new goals and challenges for yourself. Write things down. Go back and compare notes. Take pride in the little things. Live with an attitude of gratitude and happiness becomes the standard. Be blessed! ~JSM